Directly connecting vets seeking employment opportunities with practices seeking vets.

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    We match you with the best veterinary vacancy suited to your criteria and skillset.

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    New Grads

    VettingVets is for you too. The job market is a daunting place when it's your first time. We know, we've been there, and we've got you covered.

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    At vetting vets we are passionate about connecting Vet to practice and vice versa.  We believe the best job matches are found when vet and practice can communicate directly and without the need for a middle man.  ***

    From first click to interview

    Meeting a new potential employee is always daunting, but there are ways to make thing run smoothly from click through to employment.  We believe the best way to find the right clinic to apply to and work in is to have the freedom to explore as many clinics with veterinary vacancies as possible.  Vettingvets makes this very easy, and by simply downloading the app and inputting a few basic details, you’re ready to begin an adventure of your life time.  We strongly believe in helping vets get the right job for them by enabling vets to connect directly with clinics around them.

    Veterinary Recruitment Agency

    One thing Vettingvets most definitely isn't is a recruitment agency. We pride ourselves on helping vets connect with practices and vice versa without the need for agency involvement.  

    Mission Statement

    We aim to remove the need for Veterinary recruitment agencies completely. By enabling vets seeking jobs, from new grads to specialists to be matched with practices with current vacancies, vettingvets puts the power back in the hands of the vets and the practices.

    Cutting out the middle man

    Connecting Practice to Vet through our sophisticated software gives vest more freedom to communicate with as many practices as they're interested in.  


    Access to practices currently looking for vets which match your description and criteria.


    Nurses make up a huge percentage of the UK's current veterinary workforce. Vettingvets is for you too!


    Looking for Vets in your area? Vetting vets is the solution to finding you the ideal Vet or Vet nurse for your practice.


    New grads. Don't panic, we are here! Vettingvets understand the challenges you face as a new grad, and we're here to help you on your way.

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      We always love hearing from vets and practices, and encourage you to contact us with any thoughts or ideas you have for improving our service.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve our ability to connect vets with practice and make life easier for all those in the veterinary profession. 


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